Friday, April 19, 2013

Kevin's Weibo 19 April 2013

Have you ever wanted which superstar couple to finally walk down the aisle? Korea actually has a variety show to help couples marry! If China is to hold the same variety show, who would you like to see married?

Kenny Lin: If you continue to be so irksome, I will stop speaking to you!

Kevin: I'm irksome and you're not?

Pictures: 19 April 2013

Video: Introducing TV Series Hero

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Pictures: 17 April 2013

Video: 13 April Dior Event Tianjin









Kevin's Weibo 17 April 2013

Original post: During class today, I told my students that the artistes I think highly of today are Kevin Cheng, Tony Leung and Chen Daoming. 

Kevin: Hi teacher

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Pictures: 16 April 2013

Kevin's Weibo 15 April 2013

The picture is a message Kevin wrote for a fan: All the best in trying to lose weight.

Fans made fun of him. 2 comments:
1) Unbelievable! He wrote so many words! So many so many Chinese words!
2) Unbelievable, he didn't actually make any mistakes

So Kevin made monkey faces to these comments

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Pictures: 13 April 2013 Dior Event Tianjin Part 2

Pictures: 14 April 2013

ENorth 13 April 2013: Kevin Cheng releases album to mark his 20th anniversary in the industry

8th Prince Kevin Cheng attended a Dior event in Tianjin. He had rush from Hengdian's film set, tiredness was apparent but he still manage to maintain his humour, making fun of the reporters: "I came from Zhejiang, you have to be careful (bird flu)."

Kevin's Weibo 14 April 2013

Original post is an excerpt from an article (article in a separate post)

Kevin: Thank you Tianjin fans. It's been hard on you

Video: Indoor shots, Kevin Cheng looks heavenly in his armour